Deckbuilding fundamentals

This article is intended to comprehensively explain the fundamentals of deck construction.  It is approximately 3,000 words in length.  Those seeking a more laconic version can find a 200-word summary at the bottom of the page.

Understanding value criteria

Generally, there are three key attributes by which decks can be measured:

  • Set-up speed
  • Momentum
  • Recovery

“Set-up speed” should be a fairly self-explanatory term: how long does it take for your deck to achieve all of the conditions necessary to execute its core strategy?  Momentum refers to how your deck operates after it has set up: once all of the parts of your deck are on the field and working as intended, how good is your deck at maintaining that?  Lastly, recovery refers to your deck’s ability to respond when your opponent manages to KO one of your Pokemon. Continue reading