One thing I have noticed while frequenting discussion forums for the Pokemon trading card game is that while there are a number of sites devoted to articles on current topics, there are very few sites dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of the Pokemon trading card game from the ground up.  Many articles, when explaining why certain cards in the current format are good, take certain concepts for granted.  There is a bit of a knowledge gap between where a beginning player starts and what is required to fully understand most of the advice offered on the web.  This can often lead new players at a loss.

My goal in creating this site is to fill the gap between the rulebook and the advanced strategy discussed on many Pokemon TCG blogs and websites.  Partially by the nature of the subjects I approach and partially by design, most of this information on this site should be relatively timeless.  This is in contrast to the vast majority of Pokemon TCG literature currently available, which has a tendency to become obsolete very quickly.  Hopefully, over time, this site can become a comprehensive and helpful resource for new players.

If you’d like to contact me with suggestions, questions, or general comments, I can be reached via email at kuiperdesu@gmail.com